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How to Use Call of Duty Mobile COD Points Glitch on Android and iOS

Call of Duty Mobile COD Points Free

It’s the PUBG that dominates the FPS genre of mobile gaming, or we can safely say the entire mobile gaming scene until today. But things are changing, it seems, and the odds are not looking very good for the PUBG. Yes, you probably realized by now that we are talking about Call of Duty mobile, which already smashed PUBG hard by touching 100 million in terms of download number in the very first week of its official launch. In this article we will discuss about how to use Call of Duty Mobile Glitch for COD Points, to use it on your Android and iOS game. For the first time in its life, PUBG is feeling the real heat of actual competition, and that’s a great thing.

So we decided to do an in-depth review of the game and tell you if it’s really worth the hype. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

How To use Call of Duty Mobile COD Points Generator

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Game feel and aesthetics:

Let’s talk about the feel of the game first. The controls in this game are surprisingly good, and you can do everything effortlessly. Aiming down sights is simple, sprinting is fluid and fast, and crouching, jumping, or any other move you would want to do – it is right there for you to tap on the screen. And while sometimes the game thinks I’m pressing one button when I actually pressed another, that’s to be expected as I was, after all, playing on a Samsung Galaxy S8, not on a tablet. Using the Call of Duty Mobile COD Points Glitch you can get unlock the Battle Pass easily;ly in your game.

Call of Duty Mobile COD Points Generator

COD Points and Credits:

Many people seem to very unsure about the micro transactions in this game. In the case of full-priced Call of Duty game, there’s no reason why anyone would purchase a full-priced game and potentially a season pass on top of that if he has to buy micro-transactions. But in a game like Call of Duty mobile, of course there have to be micro-transactions, you can’t really complain much because the game is free. As of right now, micro transactions in this game are very similar to Black OPS 4, and they are actually better in some regards as well. Where in Black OPS 4, you earn tiers in the battle pass at a rate of around one an hour, but in Call of Duty mobile, there are challenges you complete to get them, and there are things that you can actually enjoy doing.

These will then progress you further on the battle pass, and you’ll probably progress even faster than in Black OPS 4. On top of that, items can be purchased, and most COD points do cost more in this game than a full-priced title, but again, the game is free here, and there’s no price of entry. Currently, there is no pay-to-win element in this game. Every piece of game-changing content can be earned through playtime alone. Obviously the new weapons will be introduced soon enough, but it means that currently everyone is on a level playing field.

Closing words:

As we told you above, you can use the Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk to get add unlimited COD Points Free. We have really enjoyed COD mobile way more than we thought we would. Because it’s effectively a mishmash of previous Call of Duty games, and we, the fans, loved the feel. Many things like maps, characters, weapons, etc. were straight lifted from those already much-loved titles, so fans would definitely like the familiar vibe this game offers.

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