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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Apk Free

We are back with another game review, and this time it is Call of Duty Warzone. The developers of this fantastic title are Infinity Ward and Raven Software, and Activision published it. The game was released just a few days ago on March 10th of 2020 for almost every platform, including, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS. In case, you haven’t got your hands on the apk files for Android and iOS yet, check our following tutorial for Call of Duty Warzone Apk Download. The game is graphic-heavy obviously, so you’re going to need a flagship phone to play it in the highest settings. However, to our surprise, even some mid range Androids played the game smoothly in a lower setting.

How to Download Call of Duty Warzone Mobile APK

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Use the download now button get Call of Duty Warzone Apk install file to your Android or iOS game. After selection which platform you need to get the game, it will automatically download the installations files. Next install the downloaded files in your mobile to play the game Call of Duty Warzone Apk Mobile game. This is not a Call of Duty Warzone Apk Mod Apk, its just main server access originally created Call of Duty Warzone Apk Mobile Game.

It’s Awesome, literally!

Although it’s a free-to-download-and-play title, which is a great thing and a clever move by Activision we must say, you must keep in mind that there have been several updates to this title. Since its official launch, and it has almost a whopping 100 GB install. Furthermore, it does have a mighty big day one patch when you download this thing on top of the initial download. So it’s going to consume a lot of data and takes up huge storage in your device – so you need to keep that in mind before you proceed to download.

Call of Duty Warzone Apk Download

The ultimate battle royale mode

Now, gamers already know that it is a standalone free battle royale title. There’s another mode in it as well where you go round and collect money etc.; however, this review will be more focused on the battle royale aspect of it. Even if you’re not a fan of battle royale games, the more you play, the more you would appreciate certain aspects of it. When you first play the game, it plays like your typical battle royale where you’re dropp in a big giant map from the back of an airplane and you parachute down to certain sections of the map with either solo or in a group of up to 150 people at once. The main thing about this game they tried to mix it up to make it slightly different than most battle royale titles on the market.

As you’re going and playing this game, there’s a big emphasis on searching and finding cash, and hidden boxes everywhere in this game. The cash you collect can be used to buy at these buy stations in order to get all kinds of cool stuff including armor, self revives, redeployment, and load-out crates. The key thing with this is you can’t really have any load-out. In it like you normally would in a Call of Duty game unless you actually get one of these load-out crates.

Final Facts:

As we taked, now you can the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Download and play smoothly in your Android or iOS game. Another unique thing is the green poison gas. Where other battle royale games use storms or fire, COD Warzone introduced this gas to damage the players, and they need to avoid getting stuck to be protected from this poison gas wherever it’s possible.

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